Atlantic Fish & Chophouse Anniversary

Here we are at the crossroads of an Atlantic Fish and Chophouse Anniversary of sorts. Our fifth year, sixth season, never could get the math straight on that one.

When I arrive to Edgartown each season, and when I say I, it’s means "me" the waiter, having just finished my second year of college, nervous but ready to dive into those menu description manuals, learn those steps of service and hopefully get a grasp on that huge Atlantic wine list as quickly as possible.

"Me" the sous chef, anxious to have the opportunity to express my talent, to put to use everything I’ve learned in this business I love so much. Atlantic Edgartown is the perfect place to hone my skills and grow.

"Me" the food runner, very happy and excited to have been fortunate to receive sponsorship, excited for the opportunity yet uneasy about leaving family for the first time, another country, another culture.

"Me" the bartender returning for my third Atlantic Edgartown season, loving the controlled chaos of a live entertainment filled weekends.

As the days pass and Atlantic Fish & Chophouse rolls into the abundance of Summer, the "me" quickly becomes a "we". Friendships develop, training kicks in and the individual efforts hopefully become a well-oiled machine. All hands are on the bar this season to raise it to a higher level of service, of hospitality & entertainment.

The weeks pass and all to quickly and the longer shadows of the fall season appear. We want to step back and say we did it. But more importantly hopefully along the way we want to say we have made friends of our many guests. We want to be proud to have had the opportunity to serve you and when it’s all over the "we" became an "us".